April 9, 2001 PROBE

April 09, 2001

QUESTION: I am a Central Union High School senior who may not be going to my own prom.

To go to the prom you must have decent grades, owe no money to the school or have a poor disciplinary record. I am a good student and eligible to go.

My problem is I have no date to take. Both Central and Southwest high schools have a rule that you can only take another junior or senior to the prom.

At some high schools you can take your sister or your cousin to the prom or a girl from the freshman or sophomore classes.


A lot of junior and senior boys don't have many girlfriends or any girlfriends. All of the senior girls are taken.

I want to take a freshman girl but the school says I can't. I am going to miss my own prom. Please help. I have earned the right to go to my prom. If I miss it, I will never have the chance to go again. — Dateless, El Centro

Central Principal Emma Jones says the school didn't ban freshmen and sophomores from the prom. That's an associated student body prohibition and it's been in effect for 35 years, according to Jones.

If you want it changed, you will have to lobby the ASB assembly. And lotsa luck.

If you can't change the rule, change your date. It's highly unlikely that every junior and senior girl is booked for the prom.

Another option, says Jones, is you can bring an older date — as long as she's under 21. You will have to get a guest pass.

QUESTION: For her 18th birthday we gave our daughter a cellular telephone for AirTouch Cellular.

The way it works is you sign up for service for a set number of months and you get the phone free.

The phone was stolen. It was a weekend and I was afraid somebody would run up a huge bill for long-distance calls. I called AirTouch on Sunday. AirTouch deactivated the phone.

A couple days later a young woman came into AirTouch to have the phone reactivated. AirTouch didn't take the phone or get the young woman's address.

She called us, assured us she didn't steal the phone, that she got it from her boyfriend. She gave me her beeper number.

I didn't get her name or address either. She promised to take the phone back to the store. She didn't. When I tried to call on her beeper, it had been disconnected.

We're making $39 payments on a contract for a service we can't use. Can you help us? — Stuck, El Centro

Craig Davis, AirTouch's corporate public relations manager, promised to look into your situation. Apparently he did.

He called us telling us the problem had been resolved and you were happy. You said AirTouch gave you a new phone. You sounded happy to us.

A FOUND PURSE — I found a big heavy purse in a shopping cart in the parking lot at Wal-Mart. I left it at the store's front desk. I bet the woman who lost it is going crazy. — Good Samaritan, El Centro

We hope she's not too upset to read PROBE today.

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