Voice: Show Wal-Mart how bullies should be treated

April 09, 2001

Good citizens of Calexico:

It's time to wake up and take notice of how we are being manipulated by the Wal-Mart Corp.! How many of you have been telephoned with a "survey" asking you how you would feel about having a "Super Wal-Mart" in our town? or "What do you think of Apple Market and Joe Moreno?"

When I arrived in Calexico 14 years ago I was touched immediately by the friendliness and community spirit of Calexico. I enjoy to this day walking into Apple Market and being greeted by the Lopez and Moreno families. They, along with the Worthy, Lopez, Wong, Durazo and Ellis families, have been a part of Calexico for generations. They are our friends and neighbors.

Wal-Mart, on the other hand, is the bully down the street. Their mean-spirited attempt to defame the character of Joe Moreno is inexcusable. In addition, their "carrot" of expanding Wal-Mart is an empty promise. Expanding a chain store is a corporate decision that is made in long-term planning. If Wal-Mart had begun plans for this expansion we would have heard of it.


Trust me, Wal-Mart takes any opportunity to blow their own horn. I find it odd that no mention was made of an expansion until the issue of the "big box" initiative was raised by Mr. Moreno. To this day they do not commit themselves to the idea. They state only that they want to "keep their options open."

Wal-Mart is trying desperately to squeeze out the small businessman in Calexico and we are allowing it to happen. Friends, I ask you to put a stop to the bully in our town. Show the people at Wal-Mart that you support the Calexico merchants.

You are paying a price for the dollar you save on your dog food. It comes in the form of the rude customers, the disorganized mess, the lack of customer service, the lines and the filthy parking lot that you will find at Wal-Mart. Is it really worth it?

There is only one way to teach these bullies a lesson and that is in the pocketbook. Shop with your friends and neighbors. Show Wal-Mart that we won't cower to a bully.



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