Thank You: Grace Smith career day kudos

April 10, 2001

As was evident on the front page of the March 29 edition of this paper, Grace Smith School in Niland participated in its first schoolwide career day. The experience was a complete success, a true example of a concerted, cooperative effort that benefited many.

John 16:24 says … "ask, and you shall receive." We asked and we surely received! The agencies/companies involved were more than cooperative and accommodating. The Hornets of Grace Smith would like to thank the following presenters: U.S. Border Patrol, California Highway Patrol, Imperial County Sheriff's Office, California Department of Corrections-Calipatria State Prison, Niland Fire Department, Fish Producers Inc. of Niland, California Department of Fish & Game, KECY-TV-Channel 9.

Also to be thanked are Imperial Valley Press education reporter Laura MacKenzie for arranging news coverage, reporter Mario Renteria for an excellent article and photographer Cuauhtemoc Beltran for pictures that captured the excitement of the event.

Career day 2001 helped to bring relevance to the curriculum offered at Grace Smith (Calipatria Unified School District) as well as give the student body a wider view of the employment opportunities within the Imperial Valley and enable them to begin to focus on possible careers.


This event truly was the result of cooperation and hard work of the entire staff at Grace Smith and efforts put forth by the agencies/companies involved. The "hive" at Grace Smith is definitely a richer place due to career day 2001!


School-to-career site leader

Career day 2001 coordinator

Calipatria Unified School District

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