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April 10, 2001 PROBE

April 10, 2001

QUESTION: I received a flyer from Direct Auto Plaza in El Centro inviting me to look at the cars and receive a 44-piece tool kit. It said no purchase was necessary.

I didn't buy a car but I got a rain check to pick up my tool kit "next week." That was in December and I still have no tool kit.

I went back four weeks in a row. Then I started to call. They told me not to call, that when the tool kits came in somebody would call me. Nobody called.

Can you find out why I didn't get my tool kit? — Tired of Waiting, Calexico

We can understand why you became impatient. At age 98, you don't have forever to sit around waiting for your tool kit.


You could get it as early as today. Direct Auto Plaza owner David Merrill called you after we talked to him. He promised to call you again today to tell you when to pick up the tool kit.

He said the original flyer promised the kits would be given away "as long as supplies last." However, when the supplies ran out, more kits were ordered and "back-ordered," he said.

PIT BULL ATTACK — I am a Texas reader and I just read PROBE on the Internet. In your comment about the pit bulls who attacked the horse, you said. "We think people who own pit bulls or other dogs suffer from anxiety."

Just who is this "we" and what kind of training do "they" have to make such a judgment.

The only problem we have had with our 10-year-old pit was when he jumped our fence to save a small dog being attacked by a poodle mix.

It all depends on how a dog is raised, not the breed. You can say the same about people. — Proud Pit Owner, Texas

Welcome, Texas. We wish you had told us where in Texas you live. We have family in Sherman, not too far from Dallas.

Nevertheless, we don't buy that story about the pit bull jumping the fence to save the little dog. It seems more likely he jumped the fence to join the fight.

But to your question, "we" is "us" and we didn't need any training to think or to have an opinion, or a difference of opinion.

In your last sentence you raised the "nature versus nurture" issue. That's been raising the hackles of behaviorists for decades.

We take the position that you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. While raising is important, you can't ignore breeding (genetics). If you could, you could raise a burro to race in the Kentucky Derby.

COUNTY'S OLDEST BUSINESS — Last week you wrote: "Our newspaper is the oldest continuing business in the county."

It's my duty to differ. Imperial Printers is equally as old. In frontier days, when an editor started a newspaper in a new town, he sold commercial printing — letterheads, broadsides, flyers, political placards, etc. — as well as advertising in the newspaper to survive.

That's how both the I.V. Press and Imperial Printers start. You ran a picture some months ago showing our original building in Imperial. The only word visible was "PRINTING."

You also ran copies of the first edition of the I.V. Press. The dearth of advertising showed why the poor old editor had to sell commercial printing. Our companies separated in 1957. But that's another story. — Printer, El Centro

Everybody wants in on the act!

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