Voice: Good reasons from wanting a new Calexico housing board

April 11, 2001

I attended the special Board of Commissioners meeting for the Calexico Housing Authority on March 29. I wish that the Calexico City Council had been present so they could see firsthand the professional attitude of Mr. John Romo, chairman of the board.

It is sad to say but Mr. Romo had to take three 10- to 15-minute recesses to compose himself because he could not keep himself under control.

I personally questioned Mr. Romo's comments in your newspaper regarding the validity of the Calexico Resident Council. In his statement Mr. Romo says our council is not recognized by either HUD or the authority. We asked the board the reason for this sudden change.

When we questioned him regarding the time he had served on the Resident Council and we pointed out he had been the sole resident of the council, he became hysterical, abusive and disrespectful. When he was trying to manipulate this council a few months earlier all he could tell us was how much power the council had and kept encouraging the council to demand their rights.


Mr. Romo's abusive behavior toward the residents or toward the community has to stop. It is because of this behavior and the behavior of the rest of the commissioners, including the executive director, that we are demanding the Calexico City Council take immediate action and remove these commissioners.

When I asked the attorney why was Mr. Romo allowed to mistreat me, harass me or prohibit me from my rights to freedom of expression, he said he didn't know.

Why is this being allowed? Why does the Housing Authority even go through the expense of having legal representation when neither the attorney nor the executive director can take charge of the situation and put an immediate stop to this sort of intimidation?

I was not the only resident mistreated at this meeting. Every member of our council or the public who spoke was treated unfairly and abusively. We ask you know who is ultimately responsible for the Resident Council?

If the executive director and the Board of Commissioners are doing such an outstanding job and their performance is 100 percent excellent, why is the Resident Council being ignored?

Can you tell us, Mr. Romo or Ms. Rios, why is it taking you guys more than six months to hire a consultant to provide us the guidance mandated by HUD?

We ask is this also going to take another eight years for us to get the assistance we need?

Now do you understand why we are asking for the removal of the Board of Commissioners?



Resident Council


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