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Voice: Soldiers along the All-American may be a better solution

April 11, 2001

I'm deeply opposed to putting lifelines across the All-American Canal. Right now we (the people) or the Imperial Irrigation District are not liable for people trying to cross who don't make it, but if we put out false securities, won't that make us liable?

Do you really think this will solve all our problems? I think it might be a little wiser to have our soldiers guard our borders rather than have them guarding other borders all over the world. One every 1,000 feet should be sufficient.

My wife and I were coming back from Yuma on March 27 when we encountered a large vehicle going west on the eastbound lane going 70 to 80 mph. On the freeway. Scared us to death! Then it crossed over the divider then back over again with the lights off. It was dark, so the experience was quite a scare. It made me sick to think of what could have happened.


I think that money to put floaties on the All-American Canal would be better spent on road signs warning innocent families of the possibilities of illegals either crossing or driving carelessly along our freeways. Maybe help insure those innocent families against unlicensed or uninsured drivers in California.

I have spent many afternoons fishing at the All-American and have noticed a vehicle picking up large amounts of illegals and even leaving before they were all loaded up. People were dragging and being left behind.

These people are driving our country roads and freeways, running stop signs or even driving at night with lights off. Besides endangering themselves, they are endangering others.

They are not all walking across the desert. I think it should be stopped at all cost. I'm not sure what Mr. Hunter's purpose of this is. If it were solely to save the lives, he would also be inclined to save lives of the innocent.

If they were really serious about this, they would be talking about stopping it rather than aiding and abetting it, and it would possibly cut out a lot of our drug issues at the same time!


El Centro

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