Probe: April 12, 2001

April 12, 2001

QUESTION: Can you find out the policy about Imperial County jail employees dating inmates? I know a female employee who has dated three different inmates. — Jail Employee, El Centro

Although we thought there would be few dating opportunities at the jail, the county frowns on it.

The chances for love are not as limited as we thought. Some inmates are in and out of jail regularly. Some may serve up to a year in detention.

Correctional officers and other employees work long hours at the jail. That's plenty of time to develop friendships with jail regulars.

Secret love in the slammer is both dangerous and hard to hide. When sparks fly, others notice. A jail employee caught smooching, holding hands or exchanging love notes with an inmate will get a reprimand, said Capt. Ernie Mendoza of the Sheriff's Office.


A sexual encounter will get the lovesick employee fired, he said. If an inmate gets special favors or attention it becomes a security issue. It could make the jail employee a target for blackmail, according to Mendoza.

QUESTION: When I couldn't find KWST (94.5), the local FM station for country music, I thought it was an April Fool's joke. April is half over and still no FM country music station. Where is it? — Country Fan, Brawley

There is no longer a local FM country music station. Now it's KWST-AM. It took over the frequency once held by KAMP. That venerable station no longer exists.

KWST, now 1430 on your AM dial, exists just a squiggle from KROP at 1300, both playing country music. KROP claims it plays "real country," while KWST formats "new country."

PIT-BULLS — TRUTH AND MYTH — Ninety percent of the behavior of dogs and humans depends on upbringing, not genetics. …

The closed-minded media focuses on attacks by pit bulls and other "vicious" breeds such as Rottweilers. I know for a fact you will never change. — Breeder, Texas

And you call us closed-minded!

QUESTION: Why do the Holtville police ignore open drug dealing in town? Recently there was a town meeting about the daylight burglaries in town. If the cops put the dealers out of business, the users wouldn't need to break into houses to pay for their drugs. — Aware, Holtville

If the dopers have to go to El Centro to get their fix, they'll need a car. To get a car, they may have to break into even more houses.

Holtville Police Chief Charlie Simpson insists he knows about some alleged dealers. Holtville cops are watching the suspected dealers and the county Narcotic Task Force is investigating now.

You can help. Write down the addresses, license numbers and descriptions of vehicles frequenting the sites. Send your observations to the cops — or send them to us (P.O. Box 2770, El Centro, 92243). We will pass them along. You don't need to give your name.

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