Probe: April 13, 2001

April 13, 2001

THOSE GENTLE BULLDOGS — I agree with your Texas reader who says pit bulldogs are good-natured and gentle.

A poodle or a Chihuahua may be mean-natured but a poodle or Chihuahua can't seriously hurt you. A grumpy pit bull has the capacity to kill you.

Pound for pound it is the strongest dog in the world. When it bites it locks its jaws with 1500 pounds of pressure per square inch.

If a cocker spaniel nips at your leg, he might scratch you and a Band-Aid will bind the wound. If a pit bull bites your leg, he'll tear a hole in it, rip up your veins and arteries, break the leg bone and send you to the hospital.


That's the genetic part of the equation.

Raising can affect a pit bull's behavior.

A pit bull raised gently may be a good-natured pet. Unfortunately the people who choose a pit bull may choose it because they want a vicious dog. They train the dog to be mean.

A cranky Chihuahua is a nuisance. A mean pit bull is a deadly weapon. — Former Pit-bull Owner, Springfield, Mo.

OK, Tex, take that. By the way, Tex found this newspaper on our Internet Web site and immediately wrote to PROBE to object to our attitude toward pit bulls.

NO DATES IN THE JAIL — I hope your readers understand it's impossible to "date" an inmate in the Imperial County jail. The inmates are separated from the officers by iron bars.

However, I know the employee the person was talking about when he wrote to PROBE. I don't think she had a relationship with anybody.

But that's a tight little group of employees at the jail. If they don't like you, they can set you up. Remember, there may be rumors and allegations but one must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. — Jail Employee, El Centro

Will you forgive us if we say that "love" will always find a way?

QUESTION: We know Imperial County's first settlement, Imperial, was established in 1901. When was Yuma established? — History Student, Heber

We're jumping to a conclusion that you mean when did Europeans settle in Yuma? Indians had been living on the Colorado River near the present day Yuma for centuries.

The first European to lay eyes on the area was Hernando de Alarcon in 1540. Henry Alarcon, who later became mayor of El Centro, said he is not related to the Spanish explorer.

Father Kino pushed across the Sonora desert to reach the Yuma area in 1700. The Spanish established two missions near Yuma in the 1770s. In 1781 the Indians burned down the missions, killed the men, including two priests, kidnapped the women and the Spanish gave up on the area.

The first English speakers, from the U.S. Army, established Camp Yuma or Fort Yuma on the California side of the river in 1850.

In 1854 the area on the Arizona side was surveyed for a town first called Colorado City, then Arizona City. In 1857 it got its first post office. In 1873 it became Yuma.

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