Wildcats and Tigers power past competition

April 14, 2001

IMPERIAL — The Imperial Quarterback Club held its seventh annual Steve Zarate power lifting meet here Saturday with Brawley Union and Imperial high schools taking first in the team category.

The win marked the seventh consecutive victory in the meet for Brawley. Taking second place in the large school category behind the Wildcats was Central Union High, followed by Yuma High School.

Only two teams competed in the small school division with Holtville finishing as runner-up to Imperial.

Leading Brawley to victory were Daniel Solono in the 120-29 pound division, Matthew Sevilla (140-49), Steve Duran (160-69) and Arturo Ayon (190-99). All swept their divisions in the bench press, squat and dead lift.

Sweeping for Imperial were George Covarrubias (120-29), Karl Flescher (150-59), Rudy Lopez (170-79), Fernie Bermudez (200-09), D.J. Hastings (220-29), Jayson Gundy (230-39), Manuel Miranda (240-49) and Jess Pantoja (260-plus).


The other sweep came from Yuma's David Estrada in the 250-59 division.

Taking two events for the Wildcats were Joseph Grijalva (150-59) winning the squat and dead lift, Max Reyes (170-79) in the bench and dead lift, Jaime Antunez (180-89) in the bench and dead lift, Eric Drew (200-09) taking the squat and dead lift, Daniel Benavides (230-39) winning the bench and squat and Matt Castaneda (260-plus) taking the squat and dead lift.

Individual event winners for the Wildcats were Jon Soto (130-39) in the bench, Joel Aguirre (130-39) in the squat, Victor Noriega (150-59) in the bench, Dominic Aguirre (170-79) taking the squat and Jonathan Garcia (180-89) winning the squat.

Also winning for Brawley were Robert Platt (200-09) in the bench, Richard Sotelo (210-19) taking the bench and Michael Ramey (220-29) winning the squat.

Multiple event winners for Central were Adrian Arrelos (0-119) in the bench and dead lift, Oscar Garcia (210-19) in the squat and dead lift and Miguel Mendoza winning the bench and dead lift.

Other winners for the Spartans were Victor Sanchez (0-119) in the squat, James Ferguson (130-39) taking the dead lift, Jose Arellano (230-39) in the dead lift and Brent Hart (240-49) winning the bench.

Winning two events for Imperial were Luis Meraz (0-119) winning the bench and squat, Marcus Cherry (140-49) taking the squat and dead lift, Tim Mayhew (190-99) taking the squat and dead lift, Rene Salinas (210-219) winning the bench and squat and Gabe Lopez (250-59) taking the squat and dead lift.

The Tigers' Domingo Rodriguez (0-119) won the dead lift as did Erik Green (130-39) and Ryan Ferriera (210-19).

Winning the bench press for Imperial were Roy McDonald (140-49) and Daniel Wise (190-99).

Brenden Lopez was the Tigers' other winner, taking the squat in the 180-89 division.

Multiple-event winners for Holtville were Angel Martinez (130-39), who won the bench and squat, and Frank Lopez (180-89), who took the bench and dead lift.

Holtville's Ignacio Villaseñor took first in the bench in the 250-59 division.

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