Voice: Cole Road is dangerous now

April 14, 2001

The government is at it again. Recently a news article in the Imperial Valley Press stated that in the future (like 2004) truck traffic should be rerouted around Cole Road because of concerns of hazardous materials being transported so close to residential and business areas.

Their concerns are well-noted, but what about now? I don't suppose those officials ever drove or were driven along Cole Road recently. I can only imagine that they received a report, sanitized and prepared for news release.

What the organization and the I.V. Press failed to mention was the present condition of Cole Road and its seriously hazardous condition. If it's really true that hazardous materials travel on this road, then I really fear for the present safety of all those new and future residents of the area of Cole and Meadows roads.

If the officials had really traveled on Cole Road, they would have noticed that westbound traffic has to swerve into the eastbound lane because the north edge of Cole Road is destroyed by trucks and the result of really inadequate repairs done recently. This damage goes on for about 300 feet toward the west, beginning at the Meadows Road intersection.


This westbound roadway is so narrow my little Ford Escort even has trouble staying on the right lane. Since I live on Cole Road, I hear eastbound trucks and automobiles honking at westbound vehicles crossing into their lane. At times there are panic stops and screeching of tires as vehicles slam on their brakes trying to avoid collisions.

This is an everyday event on Cole Road and a liability lawsuit waiting to happen.

I'm tired of the lame excuses from everyone that it's not their problem. I hope the city or county government (whoever accepts the responsibility for the road) can live with themselves if someone gets killed or badly injured.



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