April 16, 2001 PROBE

April 16, 2001

QUESTION: Did you hear that a special education student had a gun on a Calipatria school bus? I called the school but I couldn't get anybody to tell me anything. — Distraught Parent, Calipatria

It could have been because school officials were chasing down guns and rumors of guns.

Let's say here the "gun on the bus" report happened two weeks ago.

It was only one of three incidents involving an alleged gun or alleged threats in the Calipatria Unified School District in a week, according to Superintendent James Hanks.

"We have to take every report seriously," said Hanks. "We can't afford to take any chances."

"When we tried to track down reports about a kid having a gun on a bus, we couldn't find anybody who actually saw a gun on the bus," Hanks said.

The investigation did turn up a pellet gun allegedly shown to people at a school bus stop. The youth with the pellet gun was not a Calipatria student, Hanks said.


As a result of the rash of rumors, one student was put on a 72-hour hold for observation by authorities and another was held for a shorter period.

The word "fad" is too shallow for a string of incidents as deadly as school shootings, but we hope this will fade away.

For now, it can't be much fun being a kid — or a school administrator responsible for a bunch of kids.

PUPPIES BORN INNOCENT — I strongly agree with "Proud Pit Owner" in Texas. I owned a pit bull/boxer mix for 12 wonderful years.

Moose was a loyal, loving family pet.

When my first son was born, people told me Moose would "eat" my baby. He never bit or even growled at anyone.

Did I forget to mention his mother was a second-generation champion fighting pit bull from Michigan?

I have been a dog groomer for 13 years. Most of the aggressive dogs I have dealt with have been poodles, cockers, chows, Chihuahuas, schnauzers and Scotties.

All puppies are born innocent. They have to be taught aggression, usually from ignorant people who want mean dogs. — Moose's Mom, Holtville

Ignorant, anxious people want big mean dogs to protect them from what they see as a dangerous world.

But remember, the pit bull issue began when a PROBE reader from Imperial complained that a neighbor's two pit bulls killed her horse. When was the last time you heard of a poodle killing a horse?

QUESTION: Do you want 1300 AM back as a sports radio station? — Sports Fan, Brawley

We never listened to it, although we expect many sports fans did. The new station owners decided they would never be able to sell enough advertising to support the sports format.

They are hoping they can lure back the country music listeners (and the advertisers) with a return to its old, time-tested format and its old call letters, KROP.

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