Voice: A poem for liberal power crybabies

April 16, 2001

I was amused to see the uproar the flower children raised in the liberal mecca of San Francisco over the recent decision to raise power rates. At the public meeting, people "sang" rap songs and read poetry that called public officials every name in the book. I believe in fighting poem with poem, so here goes, ahem:

You came and cried before the "mike,"

The rate increase you do not like.

You tried to put these officials to shame,

But truth be told, YOU are to blame.

You all support Greenpeace, and others,

That help protect your furry brothers.

Those power plants were never built,

We can't disturb that ancient silt.

You shared "high-fives," drank bottled water,


You "saved" some rats and weeds from slaughter.

And as our population doubled,

You weren't in the least bit troubled.

Now that it's time to pay the pipers,

You stand up there and soil your diapers.

Liberal priorities are Bambies and Flippers,

So think of yourselves as very good tippers.


El Centro

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