Voice: Locally owned stores are the real bullies

April 19, 2001

In response to all those letters against the "big box ordinance," I am appalled by the way people make it sound as if we are defenseless children being bullied by big outside corporations.

On the contrary, we will be taking advantage of high-quality products at low prices. Calexico's population grows every day. More and more homes are being built yet we are limited to where we can shop.

Let's get over this "mom and pop" business and move on. Let's stop a few people from making us feel guilty about having more choices. The concept people have of "mom and pop" stores is the one where people only profit enough to get by. This is not the kind of local businesses we are dealing with.

These local businesses have made millions over the years and have monopolized the grocery industry in Calexico. The same people own most of the stores in Calexico. The local stores are making a killing off the people of Calexico and Mexicali.


Let's be honest. Local businesses are not afraid of losing the business of local residents but the business of Mexicali people. Local stores offer low-quality merchandise at high prices. They employ mostly Mexicali residents (which I do not mind), paying them minimum wages and employing them only part-time so they do not have to pay them benefits.

You can count with your fingers the amount of people who have climbed the corporate ladder, since only family can climb it. Big corporations like Wal-Mart, Target and Food 4 Less do let people climb the corporate ladder and get ahead in life.

People, wake up and see who the real bullies are and who have been in the past. I am not a Wal-Mart employee but a real Calexico resident.



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