Our Opinion: 100 years of service

April 20, 2001

For 100 years the Imperial Valley Press has been the main source of information for the people who call Imperial County home. That is a fact we take pride in and is a milestone we are excited to celebrate with our community.

We were here when town sites started to form and when the first water flowed into the Imperial Valley in 1901, turning a foreboding dry desert into a fertile land where farming could prosper. We were here when the Colorado River flooded between 1905 and 1907 creating what would become the Salton Sea.

We were here when Imperial County was formed in 1907 and reported on the incorporation of the cities. We covered the building of the All-American Canal in the 1930s and the 160-acre farm limitation battle between the 1960s and 1980s. We were there when the farm labor movement got started and we broke the news of a plot to fallow Imperial Valley farmland to sell water to the coast.


We have covered the border and all the issues tied to it, from illegal immigration to the proliferation of drugs moving through our community.

We have been there when tragedy has occurred and we have reported on those who have tried to make life just a little better in our Valley.

We have made it our business to make sure the Imperial Valley has coverage of the events that shape life here, from a newspaper whose staff calls the Valley home. That gives us a unique perspective from which to cover local news.

We know the Imperial Valley is more than just a desert. We know the Valley is not only an agricultural community.

At times it seems larger media regularly misrepresent the Imperial Valley. The reporters for such outlets do not reside here and they allow preconceived ideas to affect the way in which they portray the Valley. That is why it is important that there be a local daily newspaper. We strive to make sure the Valley is portrayed in a proper way. That is one reason why we take our role seriously. Today the Imperial Valley Press is online and people from outside of the area use the newspaper to learn about the Valley.

The Imperial Valley Press has a long tradition in the Valley, dating back to the time of the pioneers who stepped foot in this desert with the dream of making it something more. That tradition continues today. We will continue to do the best job we can to be a source of information and communication through the coverage of local events and state and national issues that affect us all.

As the Valley experiences several milestones this year, we look toward a future with no less important issues than those that have come and gone. We have a major water transfer in the works and a farming industry suffering one of its worst slumps in recent history. The need for jobs continues to be a major issue, and growth remains a key concern, as do border issues.

We urge the Imperial Valley community to stay in touch with the issues that affect their lives. Use us to understand what is happening around you. It is for that reason that we were established 100 years ago. It is for that reason that we plan to be here another 100 years.

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