Voice: Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines

April 20, 2001

In case you didn't know we have some fast speedways in the Valley, just to name a few … Highway 86 from Imperial to Brawley; Dogwood Road; Forrester Road; La Brucherie Road from Main Street to Aten Road and Highway 111.

Take Highway 86, with a speed limit of 65. That's just the warm-up figure. I cheat and hit 67-69 and I feel like a snail when some of our local Barney Oldfields whiz by me way over the 7-O number.

I was passing a car going about 68 when I checked my rearview mirror and there was this monstrous SUV about 20 feet behind me, and if I didn't pull over immediately I'm sure there would be metal contacting metal. To my surprise, as I looked at the driver, there was this tiny woman with her head barely above the wheel, her two hands grasping the steering wheel. I'm sure she made the checkered flag first when she reached Brawley.


Imagine if the speed limit goes over 75. They may put wings on the car and probably a parachute will be included with the car.

Thanks to the Highway Patrol for trying to keep the speeding under control but they only could do so much with such a busy highway as 86.

Highway Patrol officer: Do you know why you're getting a ticket?

Driver: Yes, the other cars are going too slow.

Need I say more?



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