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Voice: Crossing border illegally should not bring a death sentence

April 21, 2001

Answer to Lucy Munger of Holtville, to her letter in the Imperial Valley Press on April 13:

I'm one of the persons involved with Project for Immigrant Lives. I've been for three years.

1. We don't know whether placing water in the desert or lifelines in the All-American Canal will save lives. We do have a high regard for any human life. We believe in going into action to save lives instead of talking about it forever and not trying anything. We don't want the people to die and if you have a realistic idea on how to keep them from dying, we'll try your idea.

2. I have learned from the border-crossers that they find themselves in the middle of no hope. They have no hope in the place they left. To them the only hope to survive in life is work in the USA. In a situation like this all danger is irrelevant. They will come, lifelines or no lifelines, but they shouldn't pay with their lives for seeking work.


3. I think like you, Lucy. If I was dying of thirst in the desert and I came upon 4 gallons of water, I would try to carry them all. The crossers always leave some for others! We replenish them every week without fail.

4. It is not necessary to go in the water to cross drugs.

5. In U.S. News & World Report article by Dorian Friedman and Penny Loeb, they reported on immigrants receiving welfare by place of birth: Mexico 2 percent, China 6 percent, Cuba 10 percent, Soviet Union (former) 20 percent, Cambodia 28 percent.

7. Autopsies are done because it's the law.

Now that you understand, perhaps you would like to help us. We are having a very difficult time finding "Christian" volunteers. Call me to help at 353-4168.


El Centro

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