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Voice: Are the inmates running the border funny farm?

April 25, 2001

Jack Adler covered this subject very well but there is more to it.

We have "do-gooders" putting water in the desert for the illegal people crossing the border. We have people who can't swim and they drown in the canals entering the United States illegally, so we are going to put ropes across the canals to help them get into the country illegally.

The Imperial Irrigation District is going to pay for this. IID gets its money from you and I, so you and I are going to pay for this idiotic idea, which is nearing $250,000.

Now the federal government, with your money, has built a solid iron wall along miles of the border. This wall is about 16 feet high and when people illegally enter our country by jumping from the wall they are getting hurt. There are numerous cases of broken ankles and broken legs and even a serious concussion case. Maybe we should put a door in the wall every 100 feet or so to help these illegal people get in to the country easier.


We make laws governing the flow of immigration into our country. We hire thousands and thousands of people to enforce these laws. We maintain a fleet of vehicles that would stagger your imagination.

We pay all of these people salaries and we maintain all of these vehicles, office personnel, buildings, holding facilities, buses and on and on at a dollar figure that is out of sight. We spend an additional ton of money for surveillance equipment, re: sensors, drags, helicopters, airplanes, night vision binoculars, dogs, etc, etc.

All of this and we are told that the numbers of illegal immigrants entering the United States has reached epidemic numbers. We have citizens who are helping people to come into the county illegally. We hire Border Patrol agents to keep illegals out.

I ask, are the inmates running the funny farm? Or is this just a big game to keep a lot of people employed?


El Centro

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