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April 25, 2001 PROBE

April 25, 2001

QUESTION: One of the perks given to county supervisors is a reserved parking space near the county general services building.

On Monday when Supervisor Joe Maruca found a car in his parking space, he parked behind the car, blocking it in.

Is it fair for a supervisor to have reserved parking? County employees must park on the street and move their cars every two hours due to the shortage of employee parking.

I have collected $60 worth of parking tickets. We should get a raise to help us pay our parking expense. — No Space, El Centro


You think that's tough. Reserved parking is a new perk for supervisors. Imperial County judges have always had it.

Years ago, when a judge, known for his short temper, found an attorney in his reserved parking space, he sentenced the culprit to jail for contempt of court.

To answer your question it's not fair for supervisors to have reserved parking but rank has its privilege. That's why everybody tries to make rank.

Two county supervisors, Wally Leimgruber of Holtville and Hank Kuiper of El Centro, declined the offer of reserved parking.

Maruca accepted a reserved space, choosing a piece of prime real estate just 100 feet from the Ninth Street door of the county general services building.

Every time he sees another car in his space, he says, he blocks it with his pickup.

"I'm sending a message. The space is clearly marked ‘reserved.'

"I wouldn't mind somebody parking in my spot if I could walk but I can't — at least not very far. I have a bad hip. I'm going in for hip replacement in May."

Although he blocks the exit from the parking space, he always leaves the truck key with the guard. When the driver comes back, the security guard can back out the pickup so the driver can leave, Maruca said.

QUESTION: I left my hearing aids with the Better Hearing Systems because I could not hear. That was Valentine's Day. Now it's April 23. I still don't have my aids.

I have called several times to find out what happened to my hearing aids. I either get voice mail or I someone who says somebody else will contact me. Nobody contacts me.

Please help me. My customer claims check number is 9921. — Hearing Impaired, Glamis

We've been trying to contact the company with no luck. So we're trying a different tack. Maybe Better Hearing Systems will call us on our PROBE line at 337-3448.

In late February or early March, the office moved. Perhaps things are in disarray and your hearing appliances are safely tucked away in a still to be unpacked box. Cross your fingers.

QUESTION: Can your readers help us? Last year we saw concrete slab fences in Las Vegas and fell in love with them. We saw a similar fence on Austin Road. We've been calling fence companies and talking to contractors, but could find nobody who builds those fences. Do you think PROBE can find somebody to build us such a fence? — Fence-us-in, Brawley

OK, PROBE readers, if you know anybody who builds such fences, call us at 337-3439 or call our Brawley reader at 344-2325.

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