April 26, 2001 PROBE

April 26, 2001

QUESTION: At the Baby Ball, a formal dance for Brawley Union High School freshman and sophomores, a freshman boy and his sister, a senior, got extremely drunk.

When the girls' intoxication became obvious, the police and her parents were called. Alcohol was found in her car.

I thought the kids would be suspended from school — or that they would be banned from extracurricular activities. Now I hear the girl will be going to the junior-senior prom as if nothing happened. Why are school officials permitting her to go to the prom after her escapade at the freshman-sophomore dance? — Confused Parent, Brawley

If the students had been smoking marijuana, even if they didn't inhale, they could have been expelled from school. Alcohol is a different matter, according to BUHSD Superintendent Garth Isom.

The BUHSD alcohol policy does not say that students caught drinking must miss the prom, he said. If that bothers you, you are not alone.


As a result of the Baby Ball fiasco, school officials are reviewing the alcohol policy,

The policy calls for three days suspension from school, two sessions in Saturday school and counseling. If that's been completed the girl can go to her senior prom, Isom said.

By the way, the dance chaperones didn't call the parents. The students' mother was at the dance. Sometimes you can't watch kids too closely.

HOLA, VICKY IN LA PAZ — Thank you, PROBE, for hooking us up with Vicky Ayala in La Paz. I e-mailed her and she has now e-mailed me back. We are both excited about our e-mail visits.

I remember Vicky leaving Westside School when we were in eighth grade. There were only eight students in our class. When someone left, we felt the loss.

My dad, Benny Derrick, drove the school bus for Westside. My mom, Helen Derrick, and my aunt Laura Jean Derrick taught school there. I have been a Westside teacher for 17 years.

We still ring the same bell that Vicky and I heard when we were eighth-graders. Isn't this small Valley great?

Could you help us find two more people we lost track of after eighth grade — Lynn Steele who lived in Plaster City and Billy Shapaugh? His family lived on the Westmoreland ranch. — Westside Teacher, West County

Wouldn't it be fun if Lynn e-mailed us from Russia or Afghanistan, and where might Billy be? Maybe Madagascar or Nome, Alaska!

Vicky found ivpressonline on the Internet and sent us a PROBE question with her e-mail address. Isn't this small world great!

QUESTION: What happened to KAMP 143O on the AM radio dial? New country is OK but our oldies were the best! — Searching, El Centro

It's gone! You know it's gone so get over it! If you didn't throw out your turntable and your vinyl records you can still spend your afternoons with Elvis, the Beatles, maybe Herman's Hermits and Gerry and the Pacemakers.

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