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Thank You: Kudos extended on ACC accepting women as members

April 27, 2001

On behalf of the women recently accepted as ACC members, I would like to thank the Brawley American Citizens Club and those individuals who chose to take a step forward by accepting women as members. We appreciate and recognize your support for the concept of equality for all.

In order to set the record straight and because the Imperial Valley Press neglected to do so, I would like to recognize those women who were instrumental in this movement to enhance and strengthen the ACC membership.

A special thank you to Toni Carrillo, Brawley City Council person, for submitting her application a couple of months ago and encouraging others to do the same.

Another special thank you to the women who were willing to sign a petition stating the need for a "serious vote on accepting women as members." They are alphabetically listed, as all are professional and actively involved in the community:


Eva Alarcon, Rosalinda Cardenas, Toni Carrillo, Norma Jauregui, Wendy Lerma, Dora Rodriguez, Catalina Santillan, Gloria Santillan, Valerie Smith and Mercedes Wheeler.

Congratulations to the women who later joined the club, because they too felt the American Citizens Club is a highly regarded organization that contributes to the city of Brawley and the entire Imperial Valley.



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