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Our Opinion: Hoping for good gas fortune

April 27, 2001

The Imperial Irrigation District had thrown caution to the wind. In what seemed like lightning fast time, the board went from announcing its interest in investing in a well field to actually bidding on the field.

We are positive there was lots of behind-the-door discussion, but since we were not privy to any of that, the public perception is this action came quickly.

We at the Press and those in the public would have liked to have had this issue discussed at least a bit more openly. It seems the board has details that suggest IID could save money, meaning customers could save money, if the district invests in a well field. It is difficult to understand how it could hurt the IID's bid standing if it shared with the public some general figures of how much the district might save.

We are not coming out against the district's idea. True, it is a risky move. True, the district is gambling with the public's money. But, as one IID official stated, there is risk no matter what the district does on this natural gas issue. We can only hope the district is using the best possible data to make its decision.


We do not have enough information to judge whether the move is a smart one. We have to hope the board was truthful when it said it was being careful.

We think the board is trying to do the right thing and has the best interest of the customers in mind. Sometimes the best possible results come from a gamble. Then again, the worst possible things could occur, such as IID getting in a major financial bind.

What we do know is the district is going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars if its bid is accepted.

If IID is successful in its bid for the gas field, we will be locked into a certain path for 15 years. That is roughly the time it would take to pay off the bond the district would use to invest in the field. If that does happen, let's hope the board's information is good.

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