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Voice: Just grin and bear the All-American cable plan

April 27, 2001

To Mr. Jack V. Adler:

The resentment that you expressed over Mr. John Hunter's plan to place lifesaving ropes across the All-American Canal, I say go for it. Why not? It will save lives, and as far as trying to stop the "illegals," as you call them, from crossing the border, you might as well try to stop the wind, because many of them feel that they are only returning to occupied Mexico

Santa Anna may have been forced to sell the four southwestern states to the U.S. for a "song" to avoid bloodshed of the Mexican people. And when the U.S. bought Texas they made sure that it included the Rio Grande River.

Could the U.S. possibly have been an aggressor nation way back then?

There are many American business people that welcome the Mexicans, for example, Jackson Hole, Wyo., where they provide 90 percent of the work force.


Also be thankful for the hospitality and the hot tamales they shared with the first Europeans who landed on these shores.

So, Mr. Adler, relax. Just grin and bear it.



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