Brash fighters highlight card in bull ring

April 27, 2001|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

MEXICALI — "You think of the bull but you do not think of the horns."

Disrespecting the danger of the horns costs young Paco his life in Ernest Hemingway's, "The Horns of the Bull."

When 22-year-old Guillermo Veloz, "El Pausado," steps into the Mexicali bullring May 6, bullfighting purists will level the same charge of disrespect against Veloz that Hemingway's character, Enrique, leveled against Paco.

Whether a cavalier attitude costs Veloz his life will be the draw for thousands of spectators expected to crowd into the Calafia Plaza de Toros in Mexicali for the second bullfighting event of the season.

Veloz, described as "flashy" and a knock-off of Mexican legend "El Pana," will be one of the highlights of the storied ring's latest showcase.


At a recent press conference, the manager of the Calafia plaza, Jose Luis Gonzalez Mendez, confirmed the lineup for the upcoming event.

In addition to Veloz, local favorite Rafael Ortega and Antonio Barerra headline the card.

Ortega, known for taking punishment during his fights, will be returning to the ring he left to great acclaim.

At the first event of the season in March, Ortega was involved in what some locals consider one of the greatest bullfights in Mexicali history.

His opponent that day was the bull Emir.

In a display of mercy that won him the hearts and respect of many fans, Ortega allowed the proud and brave bull to live.

Emir was granted an "intuldara," or a pardon, and was treated for the injuries he suffered at Ortega's hands.

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