PROBE: April 30, 2001

April 30, 2001

QUESTION (more or less): My mother and I live in separate houses in the 100 block of West Sherman Street in Calexico. The houses are falling apart and the landlord refuses to fix anything. We have insects, roaches and mice. The roofs are falling down.

I called the county health department. It said it would talk to the landlord. Nothing happened. I talked to the landlord again.

He said, "You want to live there, you fix it!" — Infested, Calexico

Your landlord has a bad attitude and he's skating on thin ice. The state housing code says a rental must be free of vermin (rodents and insects) to be habitable. The roofs must not leak.

Anyway, we talked to the Calexico building department. It promised to send an inspector to look at the homes. If the inspector doesn't come, call us at 337-3448.


A MAJOR PLAYER — I live in El Centro, but I'm calling from Blythe. This morning I paid $2.03 for a gallon of gasoline at the ARCO station in El Centro. The same gas was $1.69 at the ARCO station in Blythe.

Arco is a major player. If ARCO dropped its gasoline to $1.69 in El Centro, all the other stations would drop their prices! — Driving, El Centro

If ARCO were doing business in an urban area with gasoline stations on all four corners of the intersection, it would drop the price to get a bigger share of the market.

If ARCO dropped to $1.69 in El Centro, we're not sure other stations would follow. We're more convinced if ARCO went up to $2.05, USA and 7-Eleven would follow suit in a heartbeat!

IN THE MORNING — I was listening to Gene Brister and Carroll Buckley on KXO radio Friday morning.

They asked why PROBE didn't refer KAMP's abandoned listeners to KXO because KXO plays oldies. They said, "The PROBE lady doesn't know we are alive." — Radio fan, Calexico

We know they are alive but we don't know what KXO considers "oldies." We think Nat King Cole, Glen Miller and Mel Torme are "oldies but goodies."

Our baby boomer offspring favor Carlos Santana, Bob Dylan or Elton John.

PERFECTED IN HEBER — In your April 23 column, an Internet reader from North Hills said she thinks carne asada was created in Holtville. Her boyfriend argued it was invented in Yuma and you credited Felix Soto in El Centro.

We don't care where it was created but it was perfected at Kennedy's Market in Heber. I have lived in Heber for 30 years and nobody makes Imperial County-style carne asada as good as Kennedy's Market. — Backyard Cook, Heber

That's good stuff. When we have a family cookout, Mike, our barbecue chef, starts with a run to Heber for the meat.

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