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Calexico Hospital board to review clinic proposals

May 01, 2001|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — At their meeting Wednesday, the trustees of the Heffernan Memorial Hospital District will be reviewing proposals by at least three potential tenants that want to provide medical services in the Calexico Hospital building, closed since late 1997.

The tenant they select could receive $200,000 from the district as a subsidy toward the first year's operating budget, according to Henry Legaspi, administrative assistant to the district board.

The trustees will meet at 5 p.m. in Calexico Hospital.

The first possible tenant, "Tenant A," is interested in opening an urgent-care facility in a part of the building, Legaspi wrote in a memorandum that will be presented to the trustees.

"Tenant A has certification to operate radiology equipment; therefore could/would operate x-ray. (Tenant A) also has certification to operate blood lab but does not believe this would be cost-effective initially," Legaspi wrote.


Two other possibilities, "B and C," could operate urgent-care facilities.

"C" already operates such a facility in the Imperial Valley. The facility in the Calexico Hospital building would be opened during the hours the company's other facility is closed, according to Legaspi.

Legaspi would not reveal the names of the possible tenants with whom he is negotiating.

In the written materials presented to the board and media outlets, the various possible tenants are listed by letters A, B, C, D and E.

Rudolfo Moreno, Calexico's city treasurer, said the alphabet soup of tenants should be publicly named so Calexico residents know with whom the district is negotiating.

Moreno has worked for a number of years to foil the district's efforts to provide medical services at the hospital building because he thinks Calexico can't support a hospital.

"I have no idea why Legaspi wouldn't want people to know the names of the tenants," Moreno said.

Legaspi said the negotiations have been kept private in deference to the speculative nature of the talks.

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