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Probe: May 2, 2001

May 02, 2001

QUESTION: How much will it cost when Adelphia gives us our 70 basic channels? — Cable Subscriber, Brawley.

Adelphia General Manager Tom Mixon was reluctant to give us a solid price, but if you're on a tight budget, you'd better set aside about $40 a month for the basic package.

One of the new programs available on the new system will be MTV in Spanish. We expect that will be part of an "extra" package!

We're paying $39 for 150 "channels" on Dish TV. That's not as good a deal as it sounds. Fifty of those channels are music channels. There's several educational channels that don't excite us as much as we had hoped.


We're trying to get our money's worth but we can watch only so much television.

Now that we've got the channels, we are very disappointed with the "history" channels. They are loaded with World War II history.

The stories may be enthralling to younger viewers, but we lived through that war and we saw most of it on newsreels at the movies!

If you buy all 200 cable channels, you'll get a flock of premium movie channels (HBO, Starz, Showtime, etc.), six or eight Discovery channels, educational channels, C-SPAN 1 and 2 and the California channel to allow you to watch state legislators at work. And 50 music channels!

NO ANGELS — The "confused parent" in Brawley really is confused! First, the boy she accused of being drunk at the Baby Ball is a sophomore, not a freshman. Brawley police gave both the brother and the sister a breath test and neither was close to being drunk. Confused parent should get her facts straight!

They were not the only kids at the dance who were drinking. The others left when my niece and nephew were caught.

I would like to know if "confused parent" thinks his or her child is perfect. I would suggest the parent check on his or her child or let me know who the child is and I will check and let you know what kind of "angel" you have.

I have no children and I have time to check. Unless you have a school dork who sits home on weekends, I guarantee he or she is no angel!

By the way, after completing her punishment, my niece was allowed to stay on the softball team. Isn't life grand? — Ticked Off Aunt, Brawley

Grow up, Auntie. Not every teen who doesn't get drunk at a school party is a "dork." Here's another viewpoint …

REVIEW THE DRUG AND ALCOHOL POLICY — It's time for Brawley to review the drug and alcohol policy at the high school. Alcohol is a drug. The abuse of alcohol is the most serious drug problem in the country. — Straight-Thinking Parent, Brawley

You're right.

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