Voice: More behind move to split IID than you might think

May 02, 2001

I have read with some interest two recent "Voice of the People" letters from Mr. David Cason and Mr. Alex Jack in which they advocate the separation of the Imperial Irrigation District into two distinct entities.

A few observations:

First, the water and power assets of Imperial Irrigation District have been jointly acquired, developed and operated with investments from all of the district's residents and customers over the last 90 years. To try to equitably "split the baby" at this stage of the game would seem well nigh impossible.

Second, to assert that one organization cannot competently manage two businesses is a bit ludicrous. That's like saying a farmer who grows alfalfa shouldn't try to grow lettuce, too. Furthermore, tell me exactly how "efficient" would it be to create a whole new board and management to run these separate departments?

Third, if the proponents of this concept think it's such a swell idea, why don't they start circulating a petition and put it up to a vote of the people? Maybe then they would find out how wildly popular their brilliant little brainchild really is.


Finally, please allow me to ask a slightly rhetorical question. Does anybody else out there think this just might be another thinly veiled attempt by some landowners to gain control of the district's priceless water rights so they can do exactly what they want with their water? Just wondering.


IID director

El Centro

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