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PROBE: May 4, 2001

May 04, 2001

QUESTION — There is no crosswalk in front of the new T.L. Waggoner Elementary School in Imperial. The school has been trying to get one but it's getting the run-around.

Can you look into this and light a fire under the city to paint the crosswalk? The safety of children should be a top priority, not something that can be put off due to red tape. — Fire-setter, Imperial

Even as you read this the painter may be striping the crosswalk in front of the school. As we made our calls earlier in the week, we learned city workmen were cutting down the curbs at both ends of the block to make handicapped-access ramps.

The crosswalks will be painted in the middle of the block in front of the school's Joshua Street entrance any day now, said Barbara Layaye, superintendent of the Imperial Unified School District.


"When I talked to the city officials, they said the paint had come in," Layaye said.

QUESTION: When I visited a friend at the Western Avenue apartments, I decided to rent one. The manager said there were no vacancies but he said he would have one by April 15.

I gave him $800 for the first and last month's rent. When April 15 came, there was still no apartment. When we asked for a refund, the property owner refused to give it back. — Frustrated, Brawley

There is a lesson here. Don't put down a deposit unless you are sure you want something — and make sure you know the terms of the deal. Get it in writing.

Marty Coyne, who owns both the I.V. Cycle Center in El Centro and the Brawley apartments, said you knew the apartment would not be available until the tenants moved at the end of the month.

To make a long story short, he's not giving your money back until he rents the apartment. Maybe you should move into it.

PROBE IN A WALLET — My child went to the Baby Ball in Brawley and I would like to slap that Ticked-off Aunt's face. What kind of aunt believes good kids who don't misbehave are "dorks."

I thought you would like to know the boy, who is a sophomore, is carrying the PROBE item about his drinking in his wallet. He's proud of his behavior. — Ticked-off Mom, Brawley

That doesn't surprise us.

NEW HEARING AIDS — Thank you for helping me get my hearing aids back. They're not perfect but they're better than nothing. — Hearing Impaired, Glamis

Great! We never did hear from Better Hearing Systems so we have no idea why it took over three months to repair our Glamis reader's hearing appliances.

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