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PROBE: May 7, 2001

May 07, 2001

QUESTION: I was not surprised a bit when I read in PROBE that the Brawley cops had the mayor's truck towed. They do stupid things like that all the time.

I am surprised they got a raise at all. It's true that other departments pay more money. Other departments don't send three or four officers to ticket a kid on a bike for not wearing a helmet. But who knows, the kid might have a weapon? Yeah, right!

I am glad some of those cops are leaving. They come here with a big head, stir up trouble and leave for other jobs. Good-bye to you all. — Troublemaker, Brawley

It sounds like you just got a ticket.

You can't be too careful when you're handing out tickets to a kid on a bike. There are some tough kids out there.


But if you want competent, experienced officers in Brawley, you have to pay them. Otherwise, once they get some experience, they'll leave.

Departments that pay more can pick and choose — and they will pick your best, not your worst.

TAMALES FOR MARIA — Thanks PROBE! You are an angel! A man from the car wash called and told me they missed my house by mistake. The next time they make tamales, they are going to bring me some. — Maria, Imperial

Why do we think Maria doesn't much care if she ever gets the tamales? She wanted to be reassured that she didn't get ripped off.

SPEAKING OF ANGELS — We live in Brawley. The other day on the way to El Centro, our car stopped running at Dogwood and Aten roads.

We're old and we didn't know what to do. A van from New Creations stopped and two men jumped out. The older man (literally) climbed under the hood of our car.

After he spotted the trouble, he got out, pulled a wire out of the dirt on the canal bank and patched a burnt wire. He told us that would get us to an auto parts store.

"Bye, God bless you," he said, and the two men climbed in the van and drove away without giving us time to say thanks.

The repair did get us to the store. We took care of our business and drove back home. — Grateful, Brawley

And you are still feeling good about the kindness of strangers. Now we feel good! And we hope the kind strangers feel good.

QUESTION: There is a man I have known casually for about six months. He's an ugly dude so when he bugged me, I ignored him.

Last week I saw him at a social event. Again, I ignored him. Later another man, one I like very much, told me the ugly dude is spreading rumors about me. He was telling people at the party that he had slept with me. It is a lie!

Can you tell me why men tell lies about women? Such lies can hurt a woman and ruin her reputation. — Hurt, Brawley

Some men have rich fantasy lives. He did sleep with you — in his dreams.

We don't know why, but men have been lying about women since the Garden of Eden. When Adam was asked about eating the apple, he said Eve made him to do it.

Eve blamed the snake and snakes have had a bad reputation ever since.

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