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Our Opinion: Monty couldn't be prouder

May 07, 2001

You are not going to hear a lot of grousing in the Imperial Valley about Dana Murphy and John Anderson winning this year's San Diego State University "Monty" awards for the SDSU-Imperial Valley campus.

Anderson and Murphy are both respected in their professions and their communities and fine gentlemen who have made the Imperial Valley a better place to live. Both exemplify, through their personal and professional activities, what it truly means to be an educated person.

The Montys were presented late last month in San Diego and Anderson and Murphy were given their awards alongside winners from the San Diego campus.

Murphy, who was given his Monty as the distinguished faculty member for the Imperial Valley campus, has been at the Calexico campus for more than 20 years and has been everything from the campus dean to a professor. He works as a professor now, of political science and public administration. Murphy is popular with his students and colleagues and his contributions on and off campus have helped take SDSU-IV from an obscure little place to a prominent place in the community.


Murphy's community work has included being on the board of the Imperial Valley Housing Authority and the local United Way board. These are things as an academic he didn't have to do but he does with all his heart.

Anderson, given his Monty as distinguished alumnus, is the county superintendent of schools. A Calexico native, he previously worked as superintendent for the Central Union High School District in El Centro and the Brawley Elementary School District and as principal at Calexico High. He also has taught at the university level in the Valley. Each place where he has been has been better for his service.

Anderson is chairman of the Interagency Steering Committee, is president-elect of the El Centro Chamber of Commerce, is a member of the Coalition Against Domestic Violence, is on the board of the local American Cancer Society and has countless other involvements.

Yet, despite his schedule and responsibilities, Anderson maintains the reputation of being an affable and approachable man.

Choosing people such as John Anderson and Dana Murphy for a Monty awards only adds prestige to an already prestigious award.

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