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Our Opinion: Reach the agreement

May 08, 2001

There seem to be some positive developments in the court fight between Darwin Cohee, owner of La Bolsa Inc., and B.P. Ventures, the company that is building and will operate a beef-processing plant in Brawley.

Following a hearing Friday in Imperial County Superior Court, attorneys for Cohee and B.P. Ventures said they had reached a "tentative" resolution.

While neither side would release details of a resolution, we are pleased to hear the two sides are talking and we are confident there is a way to work out the differences. From the sounds of it, there is a resolution at hand.

However, "tentative" means it is not yet a done deal and talks could go sour. If they do, there will be a hearing July 3 in which the merits of Cohee's case will be decided.


If the only focus of the issue is Cohee's traffic concerns, there must be a way to work through his issue. Cohee, whose business is just down the road the from the beef plant, has every right to be concerned about his business, but we do not think the opening of the beef plant will spell disaster for his firm. Still, if the owners of the plant have found a way to deal with Cohee's traffic concerns, that will be best for everyone.

Cohee has said he supports the opening of the beef plant. All along his contention has been that his business would be hurt by the traffic brought by the plant. If he truly does support the beef plant, he will work with the owners of the facility to settle the issue.

We want to see this beef plant open in late August, to see 600 newly employed people with full-time jobs, to see the cattle industry in the Valley get a boost, along with all areas of the agricultural industry in the Valley that stand to benefit from the beef plant.

Now is a crucial time in the legal dispute. We can only hope the two sides can continue to come together to solidify the tentative pact. They seem to have taken some important steps, but there are more steps ahead. While work on the beef plant is ongoing, it would be nice to close this chapter.

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