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Probe: May 9, 2001

May 09, 2001

92222 ZIP CODE — I think the last "address" in PROBE for the Washington woman's father was not an Imperial address. The (street) number is the zip code for Bard.

It probably should have been, Bard, CA 92222, Imperial County. If her father died in Bard, they may have taken his body to Yuma. Why don't you check to see if his death was registered in Yuma? — Daily Reader, Westmorland

After getting five phone calls Tuesday telling us that, we are inclined to think you probably are right.

That was our reader's mistake. She was relying on information she gleaned from the Internet.

Having laid the blame on her, we will confess we made a mistake with her e-mail address. The correct address is bingobarb47@hotmail.

NOT THE WORST — I am a Brawley police patrolman, a line cop. I have no power over departmental policy nor discipline. Sometimes we can only shake our heads and wonder what is going on.


Most, but not all, of us know we must do our jobs in a fair, firm manner, free of arrogance and self-righteousness. Some of us have strong ties to the community we serve.

I am concerned about PROBE's response: "Departments that pay more can pick and choose and they will pick the best — not the worst."

I hope the implication was not that those of us who choose to stay in Brawley fit into the category of the department's worst. We want the community to know we share no bitterness and that most of us are not the "worst." — Line Cop, Brawley

We were expecting flowers after explaining to your critic that if he wanted quality employees, he had to expect to pay a living wage.

But we didn't mean to imply, nor do we think, the cops who stay are the "worst."

We know how it is to stay on a job because you love it, love the area and your roots are down so deep you can't imagine being uprooted. We've been working at this newspaper for 36 years.

THOSE ROMANTIC MOVIES — Where has the romance gone from today's movies? I am a romantic comedy writer.

A woman is an education, man's first and last adventure and best asset, yet we see nothing of this reflected in the movies. I would love to do a book on the female with some members of the species.

It would be funny but also serious in covering topics of how men don't help in a crisis, share responsibilities, etc. — the female laid bare so to speak. Anyone interested in writing with me? — Barry Dubber, Glasgow, Scotland

C'mon, Barry, we think you simply want to meet some California girls online. But it's fun getting e-mail from everywhere now that we're floating around in cyberspace.

OK, here's Barry's e-mail address: We didn't know they had hot mail in Scotland. It's a small world!

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