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Voice: Mr. Croughan a teacher worth remembering

May 10, 2001

As graduation gets nearer, I have begun to look back

and reflect on my high school years. Academically, I have grown so much as a result of all of my wonderful teachers, but especially because of one who has truly inspired me — Mr. Croughan.

He has been teaching at Brawley Union High School for years, so long that some of my friends' parents even had him when they were in high school. Mr. Croughan has a reputation of teaching a tough class, harder even than some college courses. Many students who began the year in his class were gone by second semester.

The fruits of his labor were never more obvious than recently at the Imperial Valley College English Challenge, when his students took first, second, and third place in the essay contest, first place in the creative writing contest, first and third place in the poetry contest and third place in the language jeopardy competition.


The one thing that you will always hear a person who has had Mr. Croughan for a teacher say is how much they learned in his class. Fortunately for us, he does not take sympathy on his students or try to make things easier, because he knows that life, especially in college, requires struggling, determination and hard work to do well.

As I sat and thought about how I could express my appreciation for this man who has meant so much to me and to the high school, I remembered one idea which we had discussed in his class. Many of the English poets we studied this year wrote about their desire to do something that would be remembered forever. By writing about their frustrations and desires, they achieved their goal through timeless literature.

So here, I hope, I have immortalized Mr. Croughan, and everything that he stands for, in these lines written by one of his most thankful and admiring students.



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