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Fishing report: Fishing action moves north

May 11, 2001|By AL KALIN, Special to this newspaper

The best action moved to the northwest side of the Salton Sea this past week according to fishing guide Ray Garnett. Easy limits came by trolling Storm Thin-Fins, Kalin Swimmers and Fish Traps in 4 to 14 feet of water between Desert Shores and Salton City.

Slow trolling produced limits north of Desert Shores in 4 feet of water. Corvina limits were also reported fishing off Desert Shores in 30 feet of water vertical jigging Hopkins Spoons. For more information about fishing the north end of the Salton Sea, Garnett can be reached at 395-5883.

On the east side at Salton Sea Park high winds and green water produced isolated spots of fish die-offs but corvina fishing improved as the week progressed and croaker, tilapia and sargo were reported taken.

Further south at Bombay Beach, Game Warden Carol Sassie reported corvina being caught by fishermen casting from shore.

Fishing from the dikes off Lack Road was not as productive as the previous week but some limits were taken and most fishermen did catch fish. Albert Figueroa of Brawley produced a limit of corvina to 4 pounds casting Kalin Swimmers in the Rainbow Trout pattern.


Red Hill Marina resident Ranger Merrill Inglis reported a total of 63 boats launched from Red Hill Marina last weekend hunting for corvina but fishing success was dismal. Only a few fish were reported caught around Mullet Island.

At the Salton Sea last week the high temp was 99, low 64, max winds 37 mph and elevation was 227.42 feet below sea level.

Canal fishermen continue to catch catfish using stinkbait and chicken livers.

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