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Voice: Honoring mom today

May 13, 2001

M is for the million things she gave me. O means only she's growing old. T is for the tears she shed to save me. H is for her heart of purest gold. E is for her eyes, with love-light shining. R means right, and right she'll always be.

Put them all together, they spell "Mother," a word that means the world to me.

Spring is when there is a flourish of flowers and the wind drifting all the kisses sent. It is especially the time of year when it is our chance to honor that special someone who raised us into becoming what we are today.

Yet around this time of year a mother would likely get acknowledged for one reason, Mother's Day. What about the mother who not only gets honored on this day but also for Nurses Day and her birthday? The mother who works the night shift at the hospital and still manages to put in two good hours in playing tennis for Imperial Valley College, then comes home to tend her three children and her husband and within three hours, she's ready to go work the 12-hour shift. There should be more recognition than just Mother's Day for this woman.


Trini Vea has gone through so much and deserves more than a mere bouquet of flowers. She needs more respect, love and courtesy to maintain her status as a high individual. Coming from the Philippine Islands and upon receiving her B.S. in nursing, she came to the United States to care for those in need. Whether she was in the delivery room, sharing the joy of bringing new ones to this world to taking care of those in the recovery center of med-surge and comforting the families for those in ICU, her caring heart throughout the hospital is felt. While she has experienced the worst of times while working with peers, she learns to "love the enemy" and attempt to cooperate with them no matter what.

As a minority, she holds the Filipino pride, and how firmly she says, "I'm a Filipino."

When she is not at the hospital, she attends IVC as a full-time student to play on the tennis team. She may be the oldest player on the team, but it does not matter to her, for she does the things she loves, regardless. The team may fail, but there is a belief in herself that she can hold them together and bounce them right back up to play the best they can. The confidence in herself to take these classes (aerobics, tennis, health, etc.) not only boosts her through her physical needs but increases her mental stability.

I am constantly reminded that May (especially from my mom) is the time is celebrate the three claims my mother has. May 24 it is her birthday, then there is Mother's Day and the day to appreciate nurses.

"Your mom is crazy! How does she do it?!" These are not unique comments anymore; it's more like a compliment once a daughter has thought about it. I have never realized how much effort she attempts to make herself known and make herself an individual. In return for all these attempts she has to bring up the family she has always wanted. All I can do is to return the love, respect and courtesy she deserves.

I admit there have been tears and the scars that we left in each other, when really it has just helped us understand each other better.

Whatever the situation may be, wherever she works, today's mother is prepared for her most important job — providing the love and care to all those and providing it in the best way possible.



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