Voice: Salvation Army store broadside ‘premature'

May 13, 2001

The Salvation Army was recently criticized by an individual who indicated that she had been a volunteer. She spoke out without checking with Capt. Vasquez concerning the immediate plans for our store.

Anyone who has done volunteer work for the store and other areas of concerns of The Salvation Army has received a blessing.

I have learned from working with different organizations that if I see something that needs to be fixed, I go to the person in charge and see what can be done. If the lady who wrote the article criticizing The Salvation Army had called our commander, Capt. Julio Vasquez, she would have been surprised to learn that several members of the advisory committee have assisted the captain in obtaining the Woolworth building at the Valley Plaza for our El Centro store.

While we welcome any positive comments concerning the rebuilding of our store, we feel that the comments made in the article were a bit premature and hastily made without the proper amount of "homework."


We are about to celebrate the 136th year of The Salvation Army. From the advisory board, we wish to extend our best wishes and God's blessing upon all who work in The Salvation Army and to those who receive help. May God bless all who have helped during the months of rebuilding. We appreciate your continued support.



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