Voice: Better way to handle illegal immigration: charge the country of origin

May 14, 2001

There is heartfelt sympathy throughout the Valley and Southern California for the deaths of illegal aliens due to drowning or from exposure to the elements. Although they were breaking the law by entering illegally, it was to seek better lives in this country.

The newspaper articles seem to place the blame entirely on the U.S. Border Patrol and Operation Gatekeeper. This country has the right to defend against the friendly invasion from the south, although that invasion has not been too friendly recently. There have been occasions of rock throwing by illegal immigrants, attempts to run down Border Patrol agents with vehicles and even snipers in Mexico shooting at agents.

There have been cases of injury and death to illegals by Border Patrol agents in defense of their life and being. The Border Patrolman in the field has every right to protect himself from harm.

Then a high Mexican counsel official says, "The migrants just want to make it through. They want to get past the Border Patrol. They're not looking to fight the Border Patrol agents."


The Border Patrol is there to enforce the laws of the United States, to protect our borders, not to aid the entry of the people trying to enter illegally.

The pressures that drive the Mexican nationals across the border illegally are the direct consequences of the Mexican government. The great exodus of Mexicans from their homeland is because of the lack of economic reforms and absolute refusal to secure the national border and provide for the well-being and safety of its citizens. It is not the failure of United States policy, nor is it our sole responsibility to provide for their every need and personal safety.

The liability should be placed on Vicente Fox and his government to provide safety for his people. The burden should not be put on the taxpayers of this county and state to provide "lifelines" and "desert water stations" to aid the entry of the illegals.

The United States was founded on the concept of criminal and civil law as well as democratic principles. It is ridiculous that the border policy of the United States is driven by complaining of individuals and groups on this side of the border for more and more aid to Mexican nationals who cross the border illegally in the name of Mexican honor and national heritage.

There is a solution to a big part of the problem. It is well known the best way to get the attention of the Mexican government is with money. We should use aid from this country to persuade their government to secure the border. There should be a reduction in aid for every illegal immigrant the United States returns to their country. If the illegal immigrant is arrested and convicted of a crime in this country, a deduction should be made for the cost of his arrest, trial and incarceration.

The policy should be for all countries. Citizens from Europe, Africa and Asia as well as South America also are deported at great cost to our government. We not only pay for their incarceration but we pay large airfare costs to return them to their country. The airfare cost can run into thousands of dollars to deport one criminal to his country of birth, especially if United States officers are required to accompany him to his destination.

The millions of dollars used to expunge these undesirables from the United States should be used for the betterment of its citizens.



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