Voice: All teachers in ECESD must be top-rate

May 15, 2001

I would like to speak out on behalf of all of those parents who are afraid of the repercussions that their children may have to endure from their teachers because they have spoken out.

I found it very disturbing to see the advertisement in the April 6 newspaper on behalf of the El Centro Elementary Teachers Association. How dare they! I would like to have a resolution passed on behalf of all of those parents who have to make requests for teachers. Every year about this time, I start to think about my child's teacher for the following year and every year I end up with (if I'm lucky) one good choice.

Where is my confidence in teachers? I hear parents everywhere talk about moving their children to other schools or changing addressees in order to make sure their children are given a good education. I know many of the teachers who have children in the El Centro Elementary School District feel the same way because I have seen them make those requests along with me. Does anyone else see a problem here?


I understand that teachers have an important job. But when only half of them are really doing their job, how can you expect to get any type of respect or expect to get paid for something they are not doing?

I have oftentimes been appalled at their lack of respect toward students and parents. I am equally appalled at their lack of professional conduct. They won't put up with it in their classrooms, why do they expect others to put up with it?

So, before they announce a vote of "no confidence" in the superintendent, I hope they are prepared to back it up with outstanding teaching performance by each and every one of them. Every child in the school district is entitled to a great education, not just those who have to hand pick their child's teachers.

Until the day that parents no longer have to worry that their child is going to end up with a substandard teacher, that's when they will earn my respect.


El Centro

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