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Voice: Behavior by housing commissioners gets bad when not monitored

May 16, 2001

It's interesting to see how certain housing commissioners behave at public meetings, especially when three City Council members are present and one is the mayor.

I can't help but recall an old saying, "When the cat's away, the mice will play." That is exactly what happened at the last housing board meeting. Since no council members were present Mr. Romo violated the rights of residents, banging his gavel three times and telling the Resident Council he had heard enough and left them standing at the podium, showing his lack of professionalism and leadership.

Now you have Commissioner Rodriguez who feels her reputation has been "tainted." Well, Mrs. Rodriguez, that might be the price you have to pay when you decided to take public office. When you wrote the ad on behalf of the Housing Commissioners, the thought must have crossed your mind that the Resident Council would respond. Perhaps you are correct when you stated the word corruption should have not been used. Instead of using "corruption" in the article placed by the residents the word should have been "corruptionist," since the meaning of the word was more proper when it is used or "refers to someone who practices or defends corruption, especially in politics," as it is defined in the Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary.


We have never accused any commissioner or administration of misappropriation of funds. Why is everyone taking this so offensively? We can't help if it bothers you, but this was never stated by any of us. Our accusations continues to be that the commissioners are ignoring us and the Housing and Urban Development federal regulations. Unfortunately, this is something all of you seem to want to continue doing.

A perfect example is your ignorance regarding the reimbursement of an ad placed by the Resident Council. Overnight the commissioners feel offended when it was you who printed the first article, utilizing close to $1,000 in federal funds. You stated this ad was to refute comments and accusations made by both the Calexico council and the Resident Council. It's not clear who authorized this article. Regardless of who did or when it was approved, if the Board of Commissioners used federal moneys to pay for this ad, which according to you is not a "political ad," you are in direct violation of HUD's regulations.

How unprofessional can it get that unless the City Council is present the residents wouldn't receive fair and equal treatment? Unfortunately, the City Council was unable to witness the injustice committed at this meeting, not only by staff, most importantly by Board of Commissioners.


Vice chairman

Calexico Housing Authority board

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