Hay leaving Southwest for Hilltop

May 18, 2001|By ERIC GALVAN, Sports Writer

After two years as head coach of the Southwest High School football team, Brian Hay has accepted the head coaching job at Hilltop High School in Chula Vista.

Hay turned in his resignation to the Southwest administration Monday and will take over coaching duties at Hilltop when the school year ends.

"It took me awhile to make my decision, but there were basically three main reasons I ended up taking this job," said the 31-year-old Hay. "One, I wanted to be close to my family. And it's in the direction where me and my wife want to live the rest of our lives. And also, my mom's been having health problems and I want to be close to her. As soon as the problems with my mom came up … that pretty much swayed my decision."

Hay will inherit a San Diego Section Division II team that went 2-8 overall last year and 0-4 in the South Bay League.


He leaves an Eagle squad that finished 7-3 overall and in second place in the Imperial Valley League with a 2-2 mark.

"I really love the kids here. They're all great kids. We have a great school here at Southwest and the whole district has been really good. So that all made it harder to move on," said Hay. "You're obviously going to miss the people and the kids that you've worked with and formed relationships with, and I've had a chance to talk to all of them.

"Their main concern, though, is who the next coach is going to be? I know whoever they play for, they're going to play hard. This is a good team I'm leaving behind that has a lot of pride and wants to win."

Southwest athletic director Greg Sackos said there is not a head coach lined up but the school will start advertising the position. Sackos said applications will be taken for 10 days before the evaluation process of candidates begins.

The goal is not to rush to find a coach but to take time to find the right person, someone Sackos hopes can remain at Southwest a minimum of three years.

Southwest players would have liked to see Hay remain but understand his situation.

"We really don't like it because having a new coach means we're probably going to have a new offense and defense," said 16-year-old sophomore quarterback Matt Petree. "If anything, I hope we can have the same coaching staff back. They did a really good job with us this past year. But whatever happens, no matter who the coach is, I think our team will still be pretty good."

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