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Voice: Three cheers for classified school employees

May 18, 2001

Classified employees are the foundation of our public schools. Without bus drivers, who would provide safe and efficient transportation of our children? Without attendance clerks, districts could not receive per-pupil funding.

For some children, a school lunch is their best meal of the day; without food service employees who would feed them? When the plumbing goes out, or when other mechanical disasters occur, who do they call? No, it isn't "Ghostbusters"; it's the maintenance personnel.

Could you imagine sitting in a classroom or playing on a playground that has not been cleaned in a week or for months? Each classified employee helps keep the school district wheels turning.

Imperial County has over 1,000 classified school employees working at our schools. During Classified School Employee Week May 20-26, stand up and take a bow!


You deserve it!


California School Employees Association

Regional representative No. 98 and president of CSEA No. 472

Imperial Valley College

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