Voice: Despite article, Calipatria a great place indeed

May 19, 2001

I would like a chance to respond to the article written in the Imperial Valley Press about Bill Young Jr. Middle School in Calipatria.

I was somewhat surprised about the negativity of the first few paragraphs. I think that your reporter should have removed her blinders before entering our little one-stop town and they would have noticed a few other things that we are lacking, for instance the lack of graffiti as you drive through town and perhaps the lack of trash on the streets.

I am also sure that she missed the gentleman who rides around town on his own time to clean up the graffiti and paper, or the lady who takes care of the park because she has pride in where she lives, or perhaps the man who walks every day around town and he happens to see weeds at the city building he pulls them without being asked because he is proud of where he lives.


Stop by our town some evening and talk to some of the folks out watering their lawns and talking to their neighbor over the fence.

If I might make a suggestion, the next time you come to town you might take advantage of that old saying, "Stop and smell the roses" and stop at one of our four restaurants or maybe drop by the Chamber of Commerce, City Hall or the local Police Department or Fire Department, any one of which would be glad to take the time to tell you about this "little town."

Or join us on the Fourth of July for a fireworks display, one of the last in the Valley to be done solely by volunteers, spend Christmas in the park or with us, and then stay the night at one of the nicest hotels in the Imperial Valley. Perhaps you might need something that I know you could get at the local grocery or hardware store. We also have beauty shops and a barber shop (with more than one chair) and a uniform shop.

You might also feel inclined to stop by one of our five churches that on any given Sunday are filled to the doors. But you're right, we are lacking the plush mansions, track housing, pollution and rush-hour traffic. But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Proud to be a Calipatrian:



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