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Voice: Imperial police didn't deserve anonymous shot about rescue of baby

May 19, 2001

I was recently disturbed while reading the article in the May 15 Imperial Valley Press covering the baby that was attacked in the city of Imperial.

A paragraph within the article described a neighbor who was apparently critical of the Imperial police officers and the fact that an ambulance was not standing by while the search for the child was conducted.

This "neighbor" is quoted as saying, "If the paramedics did not live in the area the baby would not have survived." What a ridiculous thing to say. No wonder this "neighbor" did not want to give his identity to the newspaper reporter.

First of all, "neighbor," had the Imperial Police Department not responded in the quick, professional manner that it had, and subsequently performed a thorough and passionate search and investigation, that child probably would not have survived. The fact that this incident resulted in this small child being rescued and ultimately given a second chance at life is a credit to the outstanding job that these police officers did.


I am sure you have no concept of what it takes to perform the daily duties of a law enforcement officer. I also believe that you are particularly spineless in your anonymous statements to the press. You should feel ashamed for criticizing these men and women of the Imperial Police Department and you should apologize, anonymously of course.

Additionally, "neighbor," you should pray every night that you won't have to experience what the family of that child went through that day and will continue to live with for a very long time. You should also add in those prayers your thanks for having a professional, hard-working and extremely lucky police department who will be there for you if in fact your prayers are not answered.

And lastly, after reading this article numerous times, I would like to add that the reporter, Mr. Darren Simon, should reconsider what he prints in his articles. I have always known Mr. Simon to be a good journalist, but I fail to see what relevance this anonymous "neighbor's" foolish comments could have added to this piece. Let's give the cops a little more praise in their efforts to find and save a child's life.

Congratulations Imperial P.D.




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