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Voice: Too big or not too big

May 19, 2001

Many of us have battled weight all of our life. Others eat all they want and never gain a pound. Some even say, "I weigh the same as I did 30 years ago." Hooray for them.

It is discouraging to see some of the youngsters' in the seventh and eighth grade overweight and some reaching obesity. Experiments have proven that being overweight affects the learning process.

The school is unable to control the eating habits of the children. They do have lunches in the cafeteria, which are supposed to be well-balanced. How tasty they are I can't say.

This is where the parent can help. Parent, look at your child. Is he or she just right? A little plump? Wearing X-large? Cellulite on their thighs? Sits and watches TV and eat snacks? Do you say, "It's only baby fat?" Do you serve them the same portion as you give yourself?


Even Mrs. Steimel, the P.E. teacher, says many of the youngsters are out of shape. Some can't even run one lap without stopping four or five times. Imagine getting lower than a "C" in P.E. The P.E. program has so many different activities and some of the students find it hard to participate due to being overweight.

"Oh! That's only baby fat. They'll get rid of in a couple of years." Not so; not if you keep on overfeeding them large and fatty meals.

Some parents make a joke out of being chubby. Maybe its because they have the same problem: overeating!

Parents, try to help your children by watching their eating habits. Try to teach them about fat grams and calories. Stay away from sweet cereals, giant soft drinks and fattening fun foods. When you switch from medium to large, or large to extra large, that should be a warning.

As stated in other articles, the school can only do so much for your child. Try to help them. Give them good advice. Steer them away from too much TV and snacks.

Please look at your child. Does he or she look sharp and trim or do they look "too big or not too big?

Walking by a lunch table during lunch a young lad sitting with two burritos, one soda, one bag of potato chips and a sweet goodie.

Teacher: Did you prepare your lunch yourself?

Student: No, my mom did. You want some chips Mr. W?

Need I say more?



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