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Voice: Cut off illegal immigration completely and costs will go up

May 19, 2001

To Lucy Munger, Imperial Valley Press "Voice of the People," May 4:

I realize you didn't ask me but your response is not correct. You don't rattle my cage. I feel fine. (In your letter it is spelled feel not fill.)

I never said I was a Christian or felt good to be a Christian. My comment was Christians preach and talk love. Very, very few put it to action. (I strongly believe that being a doormat, ignoring abuse, insults, giving in to abuse and going along to get along is not love. It's being scared to stand up.) The church I have seen participate more in community love is the Presbyterian church. I'm not a Presbyterian.

We don't encourage crossers. The crossers in huge amounts were crossing before we put out water for them. This year, after us setting out water, according to the media, crossing in this sector has decreased. Your information is erroneous in that we will increase crossings.


In the USA beliefs are respected. I respect yours. In our case we have a higher regard for lives. Myself especially, since I understood the working marvels of the living cell. Its tremendous function of producing adenosine triphosphale. It knocked me over and my respect for the living shot up.

Your idea of a solid wall from Texas to the Pacific Ocean, although very expensive to build and maintain and very ugly, would no doubt work. No one wants to be machine-gunned to death.

I will assume, like Lloyd Allen and his supporters, an editor from this paper and Ray Naud, I'll assume your idea of the wall stops the crossers. Then the price of your groceries would increase, like in Japan. Your motel bill might triple. Good restaurants would have a vending machine for your very expensive food served on a paper plate with plastic utensils. Your floor covering, too expensive, would have to be bought in Mexicali, construction would triple, etc.

I know, Doña Lucy, that in other areas we must agree and we'll work with those.


El Centro

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