IID to reconsider billing Imperial school district for $45,000 extra for Dahlia

May 21, 2001|By KELLY GRANT, Staff Writer

The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors will reconsider a revised billing of Imperial Unified School District for part of the Dahlia Canal undergrounding project costs at IID's board meeting Tuesday.

The school district requested the board forgive it $44,856 beyond the original estimate of the project's costs.

Two years ago the school district entered into the project with the IID, Imperial County and the city of Imperial and agreed to share the costs of putting the Dahlia Canal in and around the city underground.

Initial project cost estimates indicated the school district's financial responsibility would be $49,819 of the $1.8 million total.

Increases in construction and material costs brought the final cost up to $2.43 million, although a computer error delayed IID from informing the other parties, including the school district.

This agenda item carries over from the board's last meeting when Imperial Unified representatives presented the board with a check for $49,819, their original portion of the costs. The school district has asked IID to forgive it the additional $44,856 as the district was not informed of the rising costs until after the project's completion.


Board members requested time to learn if money was available to cover the costs before acting on the item.

The board will consider approving the distribution of a transmission line project initial study and draft negative declaration for a 30-day public comment period.

IID proposes to construct a transmission line between the Rockwood substation south of Brawley and the Imperial substation in east Imperial to upgrade an existing line.

The new line will physically replace the existing one in the same utility corridor.

The study identified potential environmental impacts, found none of significance and therefore a draft negative declaration was prepared.

If approved, the documents will be available for public review. The board will approve or disapprove the final negative declaration in July.

The board will also:

· receive an update on the placing of buoys on the All-American Canal;

· receive a presentation on the upcoming 100th anniversary of water arriving at Imperial and Mexicali valleys;

· receive an update on the water conservation and transfer study process; and

· consider approving changes to purchasing policies and procedures.

The board meets in open session at 5 p.m. Tuesday in the IID boardroom at 1285 Broadway in El Centro.

Staff Writer Kelly Grant can be reached at 337-3441.

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