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PROBE: May 21, 2001

May 21, 2001

QUESTION: Every time I buy cheese I have to throw most of it away. It turns green before I can use all of it. I have tried many handy hints but nothing works. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would tell me how to keep my cheese from turning green! — Single Woman, Imperial

Eat it faster. That's our remedy for preserving most things.

Lois Macias, who works in our circulation department, suggested freezing it.

She says she always keeps a batch of shredded cheddar in her freezer just in case she needs to whip up a batch of lasagna on short notice.

A man in circulation who didn't want to be identified said his mother stored chunks of Monterey Jack cheese after she got a good buy at the market.

"It turned out fine. Freezing it didn't affect the texture at all," he said.

If you're going to keep the cheese for just a few days, remove it from the store wrap and put it in a zipper bag, several people told us.


PROBE readers have some other ideas.

QUESTION: I am the patient of a respected specialist in El Centro. The trouble is the doctor's wife smokes in the office. The office reeks of smoke!

This jeopardizes the health of the patients as well as the employees in the office day in and day out.

State law makes it illegal to smoke in a work place.

The doctor's wife has been warned but she doesn't seem to care. Why hasn't anybody taken some real action? Why haven't the police done anything about it? I would really like to see something done! — Angry, Non-smoker

The doctor's wife said she stopped smoking in the office over a month ago after somebody snitched to the county tobacco control office.

Today, the smokers step outside at the back of the building to smoke, she said.

TOXIC TIRES — After reading your May 15 column, I feel some Valley people may need a little more information on the tire and battery disposal fees.

All dealers are allowed to recover their costs to properly dispose of tires they remove from customers' vehicles.

State law classifies junk tires as toxic waste that can't be thrown on roads. Many people want to save a few dollars and take the tires with them, claiming they are going to dispose of the tires properly.

Almost as soon as they leave the dealer, they toss the tires. You see the discarded tires all over the county.

The county is working on an ordinance to impose a fee on new tires to defray the cost of picking up and disposing of tires on the roads. — Dealer, El Centro

That's a good idea if the buyer pays the fee, even if he takes the tires with him.

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