Probe: May 23, 2001

May 23, 2001

QUESTION: The mother of my 4-year-old goddaughter rented a Dino Jump and tables and chairs for the child's birthday party.

The party started at 3:30 p.m. About 4 p.m. kids started coming out of the Dino Jump scratched and bleeding. When we investigated, we found exposed bolts and washers on the jumping surface. After that we allowed no children in the Dino Jump.

We called the company, Parties for Less. Two hours later we called back. Finally the people showed up with two deputies.

We talked to the deputies and the man who came to pick up the equipment. They made no effort to fix the Dino Jump or exchange it for one without the unprotected bolts.


They took the tables and chairs as well as the jump. After they left we spread bedsheets on the grass for our supper and the ice cream and cake — Angry Godmother, Niland

Patty Rodriguez, owner of Parties for Less, said she didn't see any injured children. It must have been a loud scene because the deputies kept the two groups separated.

She said she brought the deputies because the people sounded so angry on the phone.

"We offered them a $20 discount but they wanted a $50 discount," Rodriguez said,

Apparently things were heating up by then.

"The deputies suggested we pick up our equipment and leave. That's what we did," Rodriguez said,

Your comadre was not a victim. She stopped payment on the check Monday.

NO CHEDDAR IN LASAGNA — In Monday's PROBE, you discussed preserving cheese. I know we don't have many Italians around here, but even people from other places know you don't put cheddar in lasagna — in Hamburger Helper, maybe, but lasagna? NEVER! — Food purist, El Centro

When it comes to food, some people are so rigid! We went back to our original source and she said she puts cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses in her lasagna.

Italian housewives, like cooks everywhere, came up with their distinctive cuisine strictly from hunger.

A classic lasagna recipe calls for four cheeses. That probably started with a housewife who had a lot of people to feed and not enough mozzarella to make a big pan of lasagna.

Like any creative housewife, she threw in everything she had in the kitchen and hoped for the best. Thereafter, lasagna had to have four cheeses.

A VINEGAR RUB — I have a remedy to keep cheese from turning green and it works! Dip a piece of cheese cloth in vinegar and wipe the whole cheese. You'll never have a problem with mold.

When you cut the cheese, you'll have a new entry area for mold fungi. It's simple to wipe the cut area with a vinegar-moistened cloth. — Veteran Housewife, Holtville

A nifty idea!

ANOTHER REMEDY — I bought a Food Saver that I saw on a television commercial. Put your cheese in a plastic bag, vacuum seal it and it will keep for months! — Thrifty, Imperial

That's sounds expensive to save 8 ounces of cheese for a couple of weeks.

QUESTIONS: Workers are at the site of the proposed Home Depot store. Where can I get an application for a job? — Unemployed, El Centro

Applications will be available from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 29 to June 8. Good luck.

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