Voice: Letter-writer wrong to condemn half ECESD faculty

May 23, 2001

This is in response to Sally Sanchez of El Centro, who suggested in her letter of May 15 that fully half of the teachers in the El Centro Elementary School District are "substandard."

Since there are a total of 309 teachers currently working in the school district, this would mean that approximately 154 are "failing" to provide a quality education to their students.

Talk about painting with a broad (and venomous) brush.

If I were you, Ms. Sanchez, and I really believed that 50 percent of the teachers in the school district were the non-performing malcontents you say they are, I would be looking for another school district right about now. I'd also be naming names (154 of them, to be exact) instead of making specious claims in the newspaper. The truth is that teachers in the ECESD are among the best in the Imperial Valley and their students have the test scores to prove it. That doesn't mean teachers are uniformly perfect (they leave that to you, Ms. Sanchez), only that they are trying to be.


So take a breath, Ms. Sanchez, and try counting to 10 the next time you are "appalled" by teachers who have been working without a contract for nearly two years now and before you pen your next angry letter to the editor.

You have already gone one better than the district, whose main contention to this point has been that teachers are overpaid, not that they are failing to do their jobs. And do not worry about teachers punishing your child because of your misguided views, as they are charged with educating all of the children of El Centro, no matter where they (or their parents) come down on the perfection scale.



El Centro

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