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‘Acting Out!' lets Barbara Worth students showcase their talent

May 25, 2001|By MARIO RENTERÍA, Staff Writer

BRAWLEY — Barbara Worth Junior High School students showcased their acting abilities Thursday in the Palmer Performing Arts Center in the play "Acting Out!"

"We did great," said Claudia Ruiz, 14, a member of the school's drama club.

Claudia played Lisa, a "gothic-" type student made an outcast by her classmates.

In one scene she runs away and thinks about committing suicide. The audience was captivated as Claudia shed tears in her role.

According to the play's program, the story is about a class of high school students who find out their drama teacher is missing. As the interact they find out each other's inner feelings by "Acting Out."

"They find out a lot of things about each other that they didn't know," states the program. "They also find that the perceptions of each other aren't always what they seem to be."


The crowd was overcome with laughter in one section of the play where four basketball players dress up as a girls to be initiated into the basketball team.

Russell Cady, 13, was one of the boys who dressed up as a girl.

"I was nervous at first to dress up as a girl, but I did it for the show," said Russell.

Jason Stanley, 14, said he likes being in the program because, "You learn how to act."

"We did pretty good," he said.

The play touches on several issues facing youths, from suicide to overly enthusiastic parents at sporting events. In one scene, an athlete expresses his feelings about how his parents shout and pressure him during his basketball games.

He screams, "Why do they have to do it!"

In another scene, the whole class breaks into a song and dance number of Gloria Gaynar's "I Will Survive."

Edith Godinez, 13, said, "I like to perform in front of everybody. I like to grab attention. I was also very afraid of messing up in front of people I knew."

The audience was made up of students from Barbara Worth and other schools in Brawley.

Tricia Buckley, 14, joined the Barbara Worth drama club because she wants to be a dancer.

"Dancing is everything to me," she said.

"The ability to act and dance is something I like doing," she added.

The play was presented for students Thursday and a show for the general public will be offered at 7 tonight in Palmer.

Staff Writer Mario Rentería can be reached at 337-3435.

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